Philanthropy / Donations

Since its launch in 1953, the FMSD has, through its donations/grants program, supported multiple initiatives, organizations, strategies and programs in order to promote social development in Colombia. In the area of health, for example, the FMSD built the first hospital in the Barú islands, supported the creation of the Universidad del Norte foundation (a health provider) to operate it, and promoted the PISOTON program to help low income children coping with natural disasters and violence. In terms of education, it built and operates the Ecological Institute of Barbacoas, the largest school in the islands of Barú, has been one of the main donors of the scholarship program of the Universidad de los Andes (Quiero Estudiar), and supports the COLFUTURO organization (the largest scholarship program for Colombian graduate students outside the country). Its program of support for the arts includes the establishment and operation of the Santo Domingo Crafts and Skills School, seed funding for the Carnaval de Barranquilla Foundation and the Adopte la Tradicion program. Recently, the FMSD granted US 3.3 million to the Nature Conservancy Colombian chapter, to improve the management of the Canal del Dique and the Magdalena basin.



  • The Nature Conservancy Colombia

    The Nature Conservancy Colombia

    One of the largest donations of the FMSD has been to the Colombian chapter of The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Through a donation of US$ 3.3 million the FMSD supports the improvement of the management of the Magdalena river basin. This funding has enabled The Nature Conservancy to establish a public private partnership with the Colombian government’s agency in charge of helping areas affected by the 2012-12 floods to adapt (Fondo de Adaptación). Another component of the FMSD´s donation to TNC promotes a sustainable livestock industry with an emphasis on water management and reducing deforestation.  For more information visit: