Integral Development of Sustainable Communities


Islas de Barú

FMSD’s intervention in the Barú islands on the outskirts of Cartagena covers the small municipalities of Ararca, Santa Ana and Barú. It is centered on two institutions: the Julio Mario Santo Domingo (JMSD) clinic and the Barbacoas Ecological Institute (a school). The aim is to accompany the community during the drafting and implementation of their ethno-development plan and supporting the acquisition of development funds and investments from both public and private actors. 

FMSD has been present in the islands since the early nineties, via the promotion of artisanal fishery (in partnership with the IADB), reproductive health programs, (in partnership with PROFAMILIA), handicrafts development (in partnership with Artesanías de Colombia), and micro finance development (via its own unit, Yo Prospero). 

The JMSD clinic was created in 1993 and is administered by a foundation from the Universidad del Norte, which is certified as a health provider (Institución Prestadora de Salud –IPS). The clinic provides health services (general medicine, dental health, hospitalization, laboratory services, drugstore, 24/7 hour emergencies) to the communities of Ararca, Santa Ana and Barú municipalities.

The Ecological Institute of Barbacoas (IEB), on the other hand, was established in 1997 as a public school and it now hosts more than 10.000 students. As at June 2013, 421 students had graduated. The Universidad del Norte facilitates continued education for IEB teachers and American volunteers from Voluntarios por Colombia serve as English teachers.  

We host activities every day in our community development (DINCS) projects, such as health fairs, capacity building, training and skills development, sports and entertainment and cultural events. For more information about them please visit the following calendar.