Our Structure (See chart)

The Mario Santo Domingo Foundation (FMSD) operates from 3 branches: one in Barranquilla, which serves as Headquarters and oversees the implementation of the Villas de San Pablo Macroproject, another one in Cartagena, which oversees the implementation of the Ciudad del Bicentenario Macroproject, and one in Bogota, which liaises with the national government, coordinates the grant management process and serves as Secretariat of the FMSD Executive Board.
Each of the DINCS management offices has a group which specializes in community development and knowledge management which is responsible for, amongst other things, data collection, Client Relation Management (CRM), and liaising with local governments in order to establish participatory mechanisms for designing and implementing the local development plans. Another group supports project design and fundraising for social infrastructure such as schools, health centers and early childhood development centers. The so-called DINCS Management Offices (Gerencias DINCS) work closely with FMSD contractors and developers, especially on client management relations.       
The DINCS management offices are supported by the following: the Finance and Administration Unit, which provides of legal, financial, human resources, technological and other administrative support; the Microfinance Unit that works with beneficiary families to access the financial instruments and services that they need to secure a house, e.g. microloans for deposits, and to support income generation for families living in the Macroprojects; the Special Projects Unit which helps fine tune projects designed by the community within the local development plans, and in the formulation of social infrastructure projects.
The Inter-institutional Relations Director leads the process of securing the necessary public investment for social infrastructure, represents the FMSD in policy making processes related to the DINCS model and coordinates fundraising for strategic projects-programs in the local development plans.  The Social Knowledge Management Direction of the FMSD leads the data collection and CRM processes, and documents the implementation of the DINCS model in order to facilitate lessons learning and its potential scale up. The Planning and Control Direction leads the monitoring and evaluation process, and serves as the Secretariat of the Executive Board of the FMSD.


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