What is the FMSD’s role in the Macroprojects?

In line with its social mission and results oriented nature, the FMSD decided to go beyond the construction of houses. In each Macroproject the aim is to build sustainable communities. The model of intervention is known as Comprehensive-Integrated Development for Sustainable Communities (DINCS is its Spanish acronym). As the name implies, it aims at building a cohesive community rather than just a collection of houses. The FMSD’s role is to accompany and empower the community so that it leads its own development process. The road map for this process is a local development plan designed and implemented by the community itself, via participatory mechanisms such as a community board (Junta de Acción Comunal –JAC). The aim of this plan is to ensure ownership by the community and in turn, sustainability and cohesion among its members/families. Staff from the local governments guide and support these processes and work to ensure good governance.